Common goodman electric furnace related issue and possible solutions

An electric furnace is often preferred over others as it is a convenient way to heat a home. In case anything goes wrong with the heating system, it can become a frightening thing but if you know how to troubleshoot correctly, you can save yourself money and time.

Mentioned below are some of the common goodman electric furnace related issues with possible solutions:

  • Little or no heat: This usually occurs because of the dirty filter as it prevents the air flow and thus inhibits the amount of heat that is produced. In such cases, you will need to change the filter of the furnace. On the other hand, a broken belt or a clogged blower may also prevent the system from producing heat. In such circumstances, it is better to consult with the technician.
  • Noisy heating system: This happens due to issue with the belts present within the furnace. Once you get access to the belts, check if they are damaged, sticking or worn. By adding some lubrication you can correct the sticking belt. While a loose belt can be tightened with a simple wrench but a damaged one may require the intervention of the HVAC specialists. A furnace may give strange sound due to the loose access panel. This can be fixed by securing the panel properly with a screwdriver and new bolts.
  • Broken limit control: The limit control switch is a device designed to stop the furnace from getting overheated. A defective limit control may shut the furnace down right away when it tries to come on. Or it may fail to switch off the furnace in case of overheating. Typically, fixing this necessitates replacing the limit control switch.
  • Issue with the sequencer: An electric furnace works by switching on a sequence of electric heating elements that produce heat through coils. But the heating elements cannot switch on at once, as this will overload the circuit. A broken sequencer can cause in a failed circuit breaker or a furnace that is not turning on adequate heating elements for warmth.
  • Loose wire: With constant usage for over a period of time, the tremor that results from the furnace running can cause internal wires to become wobbly. Ultimately, this may cause short circuit. Fixing or replacing the loose wire can take care of this problem.
  • Not turning on: In case the electric furnace is not turning on, at first check with the connection. Make sure that the furnace is directly connected to the main and not through any extension cable. You can even try and plug the cable to another port and see if it switches on. If it turns on then the problem is with the port but if it doesn’t call a professional to get the issue fixed.

It is important to keep in mind that repair work for an electric furnace needs to be carried out by a licensed HVAC professional. People frequently assume that only gas furnaces need professional attention, but electric furnaces require it as well.